Beregovo is the city of regional submission, is the center of Beregovskij area, it is located on the distance of 72 kilometers from the state center Uzhgorod. The territory of  Beregovskij area is 802 square kilometers, population is 83,3 thousand people, 32 thousand from this number live in Beregovo. Across the city flows a small channel of Verke, connecting the river Borzhava with Latorica.

Since 1946, the official name of the city is Beregovo. It is the only city of Transkarpathia where the prevailing majority of population are Hungarians.

Until the end of the First World War, the city was the capital of the county of Bereg, then part of Czechoslovakia, but following the first dictatorship in Vienna on November 2, 1938, it became part of Hungary.

After 1945, Bereg was part of Ukraine, first in the Soviet Union, and since 1991 it belongs to Independent Ukraine.

On the 28-th of August, 2008, the "Twinning Protocol" was signed between the cities of Satu Mare and Beregovo (Ukraine), by Iuliu Ilyes, Mayor of Satu Mare and Gajdos István, Mayor of Beregovo, in the presence of the Satu Mare Local Council and Mr. Kromak Andras, representative of the Beregovo Local Council.

In 2017, the Municipality of Satu Mare provided the necessary financial support to the twin city, approved by the local councilors of Satu Mare within the meeting held on the 27-th of April. The draft decision provided for "substantial assistance to the twin city of Beregovo, in order to support a minimum functioning of the public services of the city of Beregovo, which is severely affected by the belligerent state of this area", in the context of the war of the separatist East of Ukraine.