Nyíregyháza is the county seat of Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg County, located in northeastern Hungary, and is also the seat of Nyíregyháza District. As a county seat, it is one of the 23 municipalities (cities with county status) of the country. The easternmost of Hungary's largest cities, it is the seventh largest city in the country, with an area of 274.46 km² and a population of almost 120,000 inhabitants. This is a city in dynamic development, being the economic and cultural engine of the region. The first mentions of the city of Nyiregyháza date back to 1209. The municipality can be proud of the wide range of cultural and sports institutions, the Village Museum, the Zoo, the Sóstó Baths and a fruitful and high-level artistic life. The economic, cultural and demographic development of the city has been continuous since 1960.

The process of industrialization has begun, the number of inhabitants has increased, housing construction has expanded. Nyiregyháza became an educational center, a university city, as university education was established in fields such as theology, religion, economics, medicine. The "Twinning Protocol" between Satu Mare and Nyiregyháza was signed on 11 March 2000 by the mayors of the twin cities, Mrs Csabai Lászlóné and Mr Horea Anderco, and laid the foundations for mutual support, exchange of experience and joint projects in the process of joining the European Union. In 2010, in order to properly celebrate the ten years of twinning relations between Satu Mare and Nyiregyhaza, the local authorities from the two cities put together an extensive collaboration project, for which they obtained funding worth over 117,000 euros. to the European Union.

The first important program realized together by the two cities within this event dedicated to the celebration of the ten years of twinning, took place in Satu Mare. Dozens of children and young people with disabilities participated in a Special Olympics, with several sports competitions, in which they won the "Friendship Cup".

At the same time, the companions of people with disabilities, volunteers and representatives of institutions and organizations working in this field, participated in a conference in which they shared their own experiences and established new ways of mutual support. On 11 September 2010, the mayors of Nyiregyháza and Satu Mare, Ms Csabai Lászlone and Mr Iuliu Ilyes, signed the "Protocol on the Reconfirmation of the Twin Cities Agreement", expressing their intention to further develop existing cooperation and strengthen friendly relations, in the context of European integration. In the context of the pandemic, in 2020, the mayors of Nyíregyháza and Satu Mare, Mr Kovács Ferenc and Mr Kereskényi Gábor, marked the 20th anniversary of the signing of the twinning document. However, the main topic of the meeting of the mayors of the two cities was protection against the pandemic generated by the COVID virus - 19.

The topics discussed at this meeting were the recommended measures to reduce the impact of the pandemic, the experiences gained during the state of emergency and the economic repercussions of the pandemic on both sides.