Wolfenbüttel - Germany

Wolfenbüttel is a city located in the Land of Lower Saxony (Niedersachsen, Germany) with about 54,635 inhabitants (according to data from 2002) that became twin city of Satu Mare in the spring of 1974. The towntwinning protocol was signed on of May 31, 1974 by the Mayor Friedrich Ehrhoff and his colleague, his counterpart from Satu Mare, Vasile Gîta, together with the secretaries of the two cities, Wolfgang Wessel and Dr. Iuliu Luţaş.
The towntwinning between Satu Mare and Wolfenbüttel was created following the catastrophic floods of May 14, 1970, when this German city rushed to offer help and support to the flood victims of Satu Mare by sending urgently several transports of blankets, textiles, shoes, food and medicine, but also other goods. 
This partnership has developed over several decades from exchanges between official delegations, to friendly relations between a growing number of citizens of various categories, students, health professionals, people of culture and art, teachers, government officials. , people from the management of some enterprises, members of NGOs, sports associations, artistic ensembles, ordinary citizens.
The chronology of the twinning was included by the city of Wolfenbüttel in a brochure: "Wolfenbüttel - Satu Mare, Chronology of a towntwinning 1970 - 2005". Former mayor of Wolfenbüttel, Mr. Axel Gummert, together with the acting deputy mayor of those times, Mr. Manfred Ammon, were awarded the title of Honorary Citizen of Satu Mare, for special merits in developing the partnership between the two cities.
Important tourist points of Wolfenbüttel are: The Castle, renovated several times, which houses a remarkable museum, protocol rooms of the City Hall, but also a high school, the Lessing House, where the great man of culture Gotthold Ephraim Lessing (German writer, philosopher, dramatist, publicist and art critic, an outstanding representative of the Enlightenment era) lived and created, the Duke August Library, the Trinitatis church, the "Little Venice" district, the baroque suburb of Auguststadt with its romantic streets.
The best-known companies in Wolfenbüttel are the Jägermeister Company, the producer of the famous plant liqueur, the MKN Company, which produces large-capacity kitchens, the Welger Agricultural Equipment Company, as well as a company producing herbicides and fungicides. A large number of residents work in the Volkswagen car factories in Wolfsburg, a nearby town. 
Wolfenbüttel is also twinned with the cities of Sèvres (France), Kenosha (U.S.A.), Kamiena Gora (Poland).
Wolfenbüttel website: http://www.wolfenbuettel.de