• The bridge over the ” Someș” river - Ștrandului street area, a very important investment objective for our city, amounting to 168 million lei. It is the most important public investment of Satu Mare City Hall in the last 30 years.
  • The “Dinamo” sports complex is developed in collaboration with the Romanian Football Federation. The complex will include a football field with synthetic turf, an athletics track made of tartan material, a track and a sand pit for long jump, as well as a complete  system for night lighting of the field, with 4 pillars of 20 m, with reflectors and lightning protection systems and a grandstand with 200 seats.
  • We continue to rehabilitate the road infrastructure. In the last four years, the City Hall has invested heavily in rehabilitating the road infrastructure in the city, both in the central area and in the neighborhoods. In 2020, more than 25 streets and sidewalks have been rehabilitated.
  • We continue to invest in the education system. The City Hall allocated in 2020 the amount of 28.8 million lei for the proper functioning of the 40 educational units in the municipality. Also, 600 tablets were purchased for students with precarious financial situations.
  • We invest in public transport. The city hall has purchased 17 Solaris hybrid buses through a European project.
  • In 2020 the parks in ”George Boitor” Square, Prahovei Street and George Călinescu Street were rehabilitated and the extension of green spaces has been achieved  by planting over 1,600 trees on 50 streets across the city.
CityWalk2.0’s main goal is to promote energy transition in the transport sector by drastically reducing energy use of urban transport.